Interviews that I Love- Gena Rowlands

True to Life: An Interview with Gena Rowlands

By Matt Zoller Seitz (click the link for full interview)

Gena Rowlands is one of the greatest living screen actresses, and the core of her best work is a series of films she did with her husband, writer and director John Cassavetes. The Metrograph will be hosting “Cassavetes / Rowlands” from July 15-24 (Click here for more information). We spoke to Rowlands, now 86, about her work with Cassavetes, her philosophy of film acting, the state of modern cinema, and more.

Majority of us are fortunate enough to have experienced a Gena Rowlands film, and it’s an experience you won’t soon forget. Others have the distinct pleasure of meeting Gena Rowlands or speaking to her about her career. Such is the case with Matt Zoller Seitz. He is the editor-in-chief of Roger Ebert’s website as well as a television and film critic. Read the interview and get a glimpse behind the tinsel of one of the silver screen’s greatest powerhouses.  

Photo by Alan Light


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