Nicole Kidman- A Big Star on the Small Screen.

Kidman is consistent with her talent in all of her work, but smaller projects is the place where she truly shines. In recent films such as The PaperboyStokerStrangerland, and The Family Fang it is easy to see why she is still one of the busiest actresses currently working. These are all smaller productions that allow Kidman to be exactly what she is, a great actress. Although, her acting is above average in films like Bewitched and The Stepford Wives it is almost awkward seeing her in such a large production. Studio interference and the hope of a large box office return only tarnish the brightness of Nicole Kidman’s talent. For the past several years she has taken on roles in smaller productions, this now includes a return to television. Her last television performance was in Hemingway & Gelllhorn, she was nominated for a Golden Globe and Emmy for Best Actress in 2012. For fans, this comes as another welcomed milestone in an already successful career.


6705975471_e6117cc5bb_n Her next project is Big Little Lies for HBO, with Reese Witherspoon and Laura Dern. Given HBO’s consistent output of memorable content and Kidman’s return to HBO, this should be a big little success for all involved. Next, Kidman reunites with Jane Campion for season two of Top of the Lake. The season will take place four years after the events of the first season. Not much is now about Kidman’s character, other than what she looks like. If Kidman stays true to her skills, this will be another well-acted and fully realized character brought to life on the screen; she may finally earn the “E” in her EGOT. 


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